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Simplicity at Homes makes upgrading your interior space easy and fast! We fill with the best home furniture, home decors, and furniture reviews so that you can build your ideal space in minutes!

Contemporary Collections

Less is more

Zinus Collection


SCORE: 9.5

Contemporary is the most common style of decorating these days. It is dynamic and fun in which the design often borrows elements from different eras. Neutrals, black, and white are often used as the main colors. The furniture is simple and uncluttered, without curves and excessive decoration. Smooth, clean, geometrical shapes give each piece an individuality.  

Tufted Upholstery is becoming new popular trend in home furniture. Adding tufting adds more fun and characteristic to the room. 

The popular alternative pattern is the diamond-tufted pattern. The lines cross between the buttons in a diamond shape.

While some prefer simple, interesting lines, others would consider more basic plain designs. 

Reviews speak its quality! Having the best and most review, Zinus Tufted Upholstered Bed collections can help to transform your bedroom 

The studio collection is an ideal combination of function and style.  It can function as a night stand, end or side table, coffee table, or to hold various items in any room of the home.


The sturdy, black square steel tubing and high density panel with rich brown wood grain finish will add an elegant touch to any décor and modernized the room. 

A contemporary table lamp can help brighten up a room and is a great way to add a touch of modern design to the space

South Shore Collection

SCORE: 8.3

 inspired by the concept of minimalism...

First thing that draws attention to this set of furniture is its stunning color- Gray maple.

The cool-toned color not only presents a calm effect, but also highlights the edginess of the room. The design is simple, yet trendy and functional. 

Furniture Set Details

Gloria Headboard with Lights

The headboard, featuring a contemporary look, stands out from the rest of the furniture. The design, combining massive lines with additional lights, adds luxurious character to the bedroom.

The key feature of this chest drawer is its narrowness that is specifically designed in order to accommodate the storage needs of an individual living in a tight space. 

Double dressers are bigger and deeper than chest drawers. A mirror is usually placed on the top, so that you could dress in front of it. This dresser is the perfect way to fill bedroom space and create an inviting allure with a styled theme.

Same design concept as the dressers, the nightstand features its metal handles, which display an antique finish. 

Glossy Eastern Contemporary 


SCORE: 9.5

With this stylish bed in your home, feel a modern vibe fill your bedroom suite in handsome style.

Sleek, contemporary lines draw the eye and are accented beautifully by metallic accents.

The slat styled headboard is perfect to relax against as you watch TV or read a book in bed before falling asleep. Add this handsome bed to your bedroom suite for the perfect modern ambiance.

RoundHill Furniture

SCORE: 9.2

​The chic white wash finish with antique walnut finish top trim provides rustic charm​.  It offers a contemporary / industrial / rustic look.