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Creating a relaxing environment that makes you want to stay is crucial for the whole flow of the house. Casual, laidback style has become popular these days. Oversized blankets and line-up of cushions with mixture of sizes and fabrics feature the sophisticated, cozy look. The color choice could either be within the same or contrasting color palette. Light, neutral-color theme brightens up the whole room, making it the focal point that reflects your style. 

Laidback, Cozy Interior Space

Pick a light neutral color

It's all about personal preference. Build a neutral color scheme around your sofa to keep it simple. Beige / Cream color is a great pick to start with since it goes well with any decor. 

Within the same color palette , throw over an oversized blanket and cushions with mixture of sizes and fabrics to create a lazy cozy feeling. If simply having white-theme color is too plain, adding patterned cushions can make it more interesting. It's like adding toppings on your ice cream. Be creative!

Adding Toppings

For More Pillows/ Cushions: 

Decorating the room smartly with accessories would make it more eclectic. Placing artwork or photographs on the wall gives more personality to who you are. 

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