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Industrial Bedroom Style

The industrial is all about simplicity and authenticity. The walls and flooring are often concrete or exposed brick and the materials are often in their raw state. An unfinished, rustic look is a key trend, which includes unpainted walls and bare furniture pieces that are comprised of metal, wood, or steel. Each component in the room is an individual with an eccentric look. Industrial bedroom design often utilizes rough textures, basic components, and aged wood. It can be combined with modern or contemporary style, but it has its own aesthetic charm with its use of unfinished and raw materials.

Industrial Bed Ideas

Bed frames aren't the main focus when following industrial theme. It could be an upholstered tufted fabric bed, an industrial, metal bed frame, or simply a platform bed as long as the overall design scheme is mainly based on blending rough and raw materials with clean and streamlined furnishings and decor. Minimalism is a key feature to the design as well. The room should feel open and airy, a showpiece to everything that relates to industry and fabrication.


Adding the right lighting can have a great impact when building an industrial theme. Industrial lighting fixtures make a good usage of metal, wood, and exposed light bulbs. Chandeliers with interesting forms of metalwork could bring together the whole look, acting as a focal point. As simple as screwing in just a light bulb, different shapes of light bulbs and filaments can add more depths of character to the room.

Industrial Furniture ideas

To obtain an industrial feel, a natural color palette is most commonly used, such as a mix of grays, neutrals and rustic color. These simple colors help create a natural flow of the room and allow for the use of furniture and other accessories to help liven up the room. Neutral color also helps open areas to feel bigger and more connected. As could be seen in the pictures, pipes, wheels, metals, and reclaim woods are often incorporated in the design.

Adding Minor Details

Decor Inspirations 

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